In Pre Tents, over 25 years of experience in camping tent industry, we acquired professional knowledge in characteristic of different fabrics and proficient in tent construction. The revolutionary design leading new ways in your exploration. We always explore new possibilities in tent design to make your journey better with our tents.

We design and manufacturing our tents with three design principles, lightweight, reliability and creative. All our tents are handcrafted in the sample stage, through our hands we understand every material’s characteristic and that make our tents one of the best in the market.

Pre Tents by The Free Spirits Tents

Fabrics and Materials
Color : Pewter
Fly fabric : 30D N/rp 66 Both Side Silicon 2,000mm
Body fabric : 15D Nylon Mesh; N/R 15D Breathable
Floor fabric : 30D N/rp 66 PU3,000mm
Others : Dyneema Oxford Rip, Nylon 20D Monofila
Pegs : DAC V-Pegs
Poles :DAC NSL 8.5mm Featherlite